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Tog Porter (aka "The Togfather") has been taking quality pictures for more than 30 years. The Wigwam name came about as a play on his intials, and has become the prefix to many other family business interests over the years, including Wigwam Consultancies, Wigwam Web Services, and Wigwam Music.

Now based in Barrhill, Ayrshire, Tog and the rest of the Wigwam Photography team are dedicated to creating photographic memories for any occassion.

Tog prefers to use Canon equipment, which he says: "supplies superb quality and reliability. It is important for a photographer to have confidence in his equipment and that is what Canon gives me."

This Ayrshire photographer loves to work in all fields of photography. He started his professional career as a freelance press photographer and he says that was an excellent training ground for him. "Working for the press, you often need to act quickly to get the shot, and this requires a lot of quick thinking and an intimate knowledge of the camera. There is often no time to reset anything and take a second shot, so everything has to be right first time."

"Of course, this is now easier than it was before the digital age, as a camera can now take many images in a second, and there is a lot more that can be done to correct faults and enhance images on a computer too, but I love it when the picture comes straight out of the camera exactly as planned."

Wigwam Photography is based in Barrhill, Ayrshire, but the photographers will undertake work anywhere in the world, and the good news is that the fees are affordable. It is the Wigwam philosophy that quality service does not need to be overpriced and that is reflected in every quotation that leaves the Wigwam office.

For more information please contact our Ayrshire photographers on the telephone number below or send an e-mail using the button above.

Wigwam Photography, West Altercannoch, Barrhill, Ayrshire KA26 0QT - Tel: 01465 460960

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Looking for an Ayrshire photographer? You have found Wigwam Photography Barrhill, Girvan. Photographer Tog Porter has more than 40 years experience in taking quality pictures, and this means that your photography needs will be met with professionalism and understanding.